Pop up exhibition stands also referred to as pop-up or popup stands are a popular way of creating a pretty much seamless graphic wall fast.

They comprise of a lightweight cross over frame can be put up buy one person in just a few minutes. The pop up frame is made from lightweight aluminium that packs into a small space. By lifting and pulling the frame apart at the same time the pop up skeleton is ready to take your exhibition graphics. See pop up exhibition set up guide.pop_up

There are two main types available the cross braced and non cross braced. Cross braced pop up stands are more rigid but has the disadvantage that the exhibit graphic can be hard to align unless the floor is level. The most popular pop-up exhibition display is the non cross braced. Some trade show pop up systems have plastic clips at the rear that hold the popup frame open when erect. The disadvantage is if you forget to unclip them they can break when you take the display frame down.

The latest designs (and the only ones we sell) solve the breakage problem by having magnetic fitting that snap together automatically. Once this has been done you need to connect the magnetic bars or “mag bars” these attach to the frame magnetically so once again no bits to loose or break. The graphic drops attach to these mag bars using magnetic strips on the rear.

Once the pop up exhibition stand has been put up you can attach the graphics often referred to as “drops”. Each drop is about 600mm wide and 2000mm high depending on the type of pop up display you choose. Graphics can be made in a variety of ways but the most successful and popular is to print the graphics onto a ‘stoplight no show through material then over laminated it with a high quality scratch and glare resistant laminate.

The top of the exhibition pop up stand drops have hanging bars which connect to the magnetic on the exhibition pop up frame. Down each side of the exhibition graphic drop there are magnetic strips, these are attracted to the magnetic strips on the mag bars and hold the graphic in place.

All our pop display stands are put up and checked before dispatch. Although the process of attaching exhibition graphic sounds simple the overall effect of creating a seamless display can be improved by taking a few minutes to make small adjustments until the graphic line up nicely

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